Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Unfortunately I do not have an iPhone but, I do have an android and they finally have instagram! I immediately installed it and have been taking many pictures! It has been super nice out lately! I was definitely enjoying the sunshine. 
While being tied to the couch I recently discovered Groop Dealz which has many cute things to buy! So, I bought some bakers twine on a super good deal and I also bought some paper straws but they haven't come yet. 

 I found a craft I could do for Easter, the paint chip garland! 

Then, I found a free Easter printable! 

I convinced my mom to wheel me around Target so I could get some washi tape! 

This is the Life Journal I use for a bible study and I thought it could use a little makeover.

So I covered it with a paper grocery bag and used my washi tape!

I'm glad I've been able to do some crafts during this crippled stage. Sorry the pictures are not the best but I am loving instagram! 


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