Friday, January 27, 2012


I thought I would give insta-friday a shot over at Life Rearranged. So here goes!

First off, I had a Tuesday off so I was excited. I went a little crazy and got myself some Starbucks.

This is a picture of the best wings you will ever have! At Wing Stop. This place is amazing. I took the boyfriend out to lunch. My treat :)

I'm going to one of Scotty McCreery's concerts in February with some friends. So, we all made shirts it was a lot of fun.

These two girls are my cousins who I babysit. I love picking them up from school! It is my favorite :)

Then of course my lovely boyfriend was able to treat me to a fancy dinner. With steak.

And crab :)

life rearranged


Holly said...

Yum. I am jealous of those wings. They look amazing. :O

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